Vintage Japanese Craft Book Covers

In late 2009 my mom gave me her old Japanese pattern books, containing primarily knitting and crochet projects but including other crafts such as sewing, embroidery, and cross stitch. I’ll share a few of the covers with you. Maybe in the future I’ll share photos and ads from inside the books, but not the patterns themselves.

Japanese crochet book - May 1967 - coverpublished May 1967

Red text: かぎ針編みとレース編み = Crochet and Lace.

This book originally contained 107 fashion and home decor patterns; however, patterns 2 through 8 came in a separate insert which has since been lost.

Japanese craft book - May 1968 - coverpublished May 1968

Red text: 新しいかぎ針編みと室内手芸 = New Crochet and Indoor Handicrafts.

This book contains 177 crochet, sewing, and embroidery patterns.

Japanese craft book - Dec 1968 - coverpublished December 1968

あみものと子供服 = Knitwear and Children’s Clothes.

This book contains 161 knit, crochet, and sewing patterns.

Japanese craft book - Feb 1971 - coverpublished February 1971

春のあみものと流行手芸 = Spring Knitwear and Stylish Handicrafts.

This book contains 295 knit, crochet, sewing, and embroidery patterns.


I have a few books from the glorious 80s as well, which I would enjoy sharing whenever I get around to scanning the covers!

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2 Responses to Vintage Japanese Craft Book Covers

  1. julie says:

    thanks for your sharing. Very nice books.

  2. kmatth7621 says:

    Excellent page, thanks for the translations. This will be very handy for help with reading the charts.

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